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The Pickled Posey


You may have noticed that I took down all of my old handmade to order jewelry from this web site.  For years I created vintage and Victorian style designs for display here and hand crafted copies of those for orders as they came in.  In July of 2018, a new inspiration struck and struck hard.  It all started with a book...


I collect antique books.  I ordered this beautiful leather bound history book from the 1800s and was delighted to find old pressed flowers between its pages.  I was so mesmerized by these that I began to think of ways that I could press my own flowers and use them in jewelry.  I researched and hunted down materials and spent months trying to perfect the art of using flowers in eco-resin to create jewelry.  


Once I had my system down (after much trial and error), I began to offer these designs to my collectors.  I was blown away by the interest.  I couldn't keep anything in stock, everything would sell instantly.  Because each is a one of a kind and I don't repeat them, I began using all my creative time to make new pressed flower jewelry pieces.  My daughter, Julia, showed an interest in what I was doing.  I taught her the process and she wound up being amazingly talented with her own unique style and she also creates beautiful botanical embroidered hoops for our collection.  Together we work tirelessly on new pieces for this line.  We named it The Pickled Posey and gave it its own little shoppe on the web at:  


For a while, I was attempting to make new pieces for this line and also work on the orders that came in from this web site.  I couldn't keep up.  My health suffered and I was losing my passion to create.  So, I made the tough decision to discontinue my older designs and focus on where my heart now lived...these little botanical fantasy worlds I make to wear.  


We'd love to invite you to join our Pickled Posey Facebook Collectors group where we offer these designs.  Our shoppe on Etsy is almost always empty because everything sells so fast, but we add around 40 - 50 new pieces per week on average and post about them in the group. 


The Pickled Posey Collectors Group


Below I'm featuring a few of my most favorite pieces that have sold, but gives you an idea of the type of work we are creating each week...